Головна Seed of Victory

Seed of Victory

Engaging Seed Suppliers for Ukraine Support: Seed of Victory Initiative

Following Russia’s full-scale invasion, Ukraine has liberated 687 settlements, home to thousands of people who lost their incomes due to the war. Despite the destroyed infrastructure and challenging conditions in the front-line and affected communities, Ukrainians remain on their native land, striving to rebuild their lives.

To help them feed their families and ensure food security in the communities, the All-Ukrainian Association of Communities, with the support of the USAID AGRO Activity under the United Communities project, is implementing the Seed of Victory initiative. International seed companies generously contribute vegetable seeds, and we facilitate the delivery of these seeds to households impacted by the war in Ukraine.

Why is this important?

In the affected and front-line territories, logistic centers and stores are destroyed, leaving people with no access to buy seeds. Simultaneously, Russia deliberately destroys farms, depriving them of the ability to provide communities with food. Due to destroyed bridges, roads, and constant shelling, the supply chain is in jeopardy – people urgently need self-sufficiency.

By growing vegetables on their plots, residents of affected communities ensure the food security of their families and communities, gaining more confidence in tomorrow. You can help them.

Who receives vegetable seeds?

  • Residents of front-line and affected communities
  • Displaced persons forced to leave their homes due to danger
  • Vulnerable individuals (people with disabilities, large families) who face difficult economic circumstances due to the war

The All-Ukrainian Association of Communities ensures timely and transparent distribution and delivery of seeds, as well as accountability.

Who has already joined the initiative?

The following seed companies have already donated their seeds for the spring planting season 2024 in the affected communities of Ukraine:

  • Bayer
  • Gowan
  • Enza Zaden
  • Syngenta

The seeds already donated in 2024 will be sufficient to meet the needs of 140,000 households. However, over 240,000 households still require support.

Reflecting on historical moments when nations and seed corporations rallied together during World Wars I and II, and the establishment of ‘victory gardens’ in the United States, we invite seed suppliers to join our initiative. Contribute to our cause: donate seeds to those who, against all odds, are sowing amid war, holding onto the belief in recovery.

In times of war, every act of goodness counts! Join us! To be part of this initiative, please email: [email protected]